Canvas Boards, 11 x 14 Inch, 32 Pack

    • Primed & Ready to Paint – Canvas panels are already primed with acid-free acrylic and ready to use. No need to prepare!
    • Canvas Pack – 11×14 canvas value pack for painting meets personal or group demand.
    • Smooth Cotton Panels – Canvas boards are made from 100% cotton and are acid-free.
    • High-Quality MDF Board Core – The core is made of durable MDF and prevents your work from bending or warping, instead of recycled paper.
    • Customer Service Guarantee – Please contact me for a free replacement or refund, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with our canvas boards.

$ 45.99

Inkjet Canvas - Printable Cotton 8.5 x 11`` 10 Sheets

  • PPD Printable Real Cotton Canvas Sheets Compatible With All Inkjet Printers. Not To Be Mistaken With Cheaper ‘Paper’ Coated Canvas, These Are The Real Deal. Each Canvas Fabric Sheet Is Made Of 100% Real Cotton Weave and Comes At a Heavy 340gsm/125lb. The Canvas Can Be Left As Is, But Also Stretched (Unlike Canvas Embossed Coated ‘Paper’).
  • Pack Of 10 x 8.5×11 Sheets. The Canvas Fabric Is Specially Coated On One Side To Enable High Resolution Inkjet Printing. Make Sure You Are Printing On The Smoother Coated Side.
  • If You Haven’t Printed On Real Canvas Before, You Are In for a Treat. The Canvas Finish Is Perfect For Your Cherished Prints, Photos and ArtWork. Because These Luxurious Canvas Sheets Are Made of Real Fabric, You Can Even Print and Sew Your Design Onto Another Material. All You Need is an Inkjet Printer.
  • The Canvas Is Coated In Matt Finish. This In Return Makes For Perfect Artistic Prints, Portraits, Landscapes And Much More. They’re Lightly Textured With A Specially Designed High Resolution Inkjet Coating Allowing You To Produce High Resolution, Exceptional Quality Images And Prints From Your Home Or Office.
  • Product Highlights: Printable Canvas Made From 100% Cotton / Compatible With All Inkjet Printers Using Any Ink / Instant Dry / Picture Quality Print / Luxurious 340gsm/125lb Weight / No Logo or Watermark On Either Side / Equivalent Or Superior To Main And More Expensive Brands / Pack Of 10 x 8.5×11 Sheets.

$ 13.31

Inkjet Canvas - Printable Cotton 8.5 x 11`` 25 Sheets

  • High quality Inkjet Fine Art Watercolour Giclee paper 240g
  • True fine art paper acid free for longevity made of alfa cellulose fibers
  • For printing of artwork reproduction or other high quality imaging
  • Professional inkjet watercolour heavy weight paper for outstanding artistic prints
  • Size – LTR 8.5×11″ x 25 Sheets in Matte finish
  • Compatibility: all types of inkjet printers and inks (pigment and dye)

$ 29.95

Inkjet Gessoed Canvas 8.5`` x 11`` Canvas Paper 20 Sheets

  • Made from High-Quality, 100% cotton canvas.
  • 2 layers of acrylic gesso make these sheets incredibly sturdy, water resistant and virtually impervious to tearing, bending, folding or warping.
  • Acid-free, archival quality material won’t fade or discolour with time.
  • Perfectly suited for use in any inkjet printer and is able to reproduce a wide range of colors with extreme accuracy.

$ 19.99